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To become a higher education institution that serves as the pillar, producing qualified graduates with high morals and ethical standards, equipped with knowledge for exploiting the abundant natural resources of the district..


  • To develop highly qualified regional human resources needed by the district.
  • To promote basic research to generate new knowledge, applied research to fulfill the needs of private enterprises and organizations, and advanced research for economic and social development of the district.
  • To conduct programmes that cater to the demands of region and community by utilizing natural resources.
  • To become an education community that supports students’ and staffs’ development of material life and spiritual life.
  • To bring about a sound academic atmosphere by international collaboration.

The Establishment of Myeik University


  • Myeik College – founded on Janauary 8, 1999.
  • Upgraded as Myeik Degree College on November 27, 2001 and as Myeik University on May 14, 2003.
  • The grand main building of Myeik University was inaugurated on March 3, 2008 by Prime Minister U Thein Sein (now the President of the State).

Prof. Dr. Ni Ni Oo

Prof. Dr. Ni Ni Oo


Myeik University

Prof. Dr. Win Win Than

Prof. Dr. Win Win Than


Myeik University

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MuEuCAP Training for new courses at Myanmar HE1 in Environmental Science (WP-2) 13-15 January, 2019

MuEuCAP Training for new courses at Myanmar HE1 in Environmental Science (WP-2) 13-15 January, 2019

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MuEuCAP Training for new courses at Myanmar HE1 in Environmental Science (WP-2) 3-6 March, 2019(Field Trip)


Shot Put

DSC_3081Javelin Throwing DSC_3074 Running


Long Jump




Explain the Data Analysis(2019)


Mote Oo Education

  • In the Academic Year 1999-2000, 103 first -year students were the first to be taught at    Myeik University.
  • At present, there are classes for honours, Master of Arts, Master of Science, Master of Research and there are over 3500 day students and 6000 University of Distance Education students studying at the University.
  • In the Academic Year 2008, the respective degrees were conferred on 103 students     studied at Myeik College for the first time by the University.
  • By the Academic Year 2018, the eleven convocation has already taken place.
  • Among the academic specializations, six arts specializations and seven science specializations are currently being taught at Myeik University.
  • The students from different townships, namely Myeik, Pa-law, Kyun-su, Taninthayi, Bote-pyin and Kawt-thaung as well as from other regions are currently studying at Myeik University.

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Download Here : The Prospectus of Myeik University

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